Dubai Airshow 2017

Dubai Airshow 2017

16 November 2017

The 2017 Dubai Airshow was the biggest airshow in Middle East, Africa and Asia, and one of the largest and most successful airshows in the world. It was attended by 79,380 participants with a total order book tally of USD113.8 billion. The Dubai Airshow 2017 focused all activities related to military, general and commercial aviation, making it the ideal event for UMWD to engage with major global aerospace companies with interest in exploring the regional market.

The Dubai Airshow served as a good platform for UMWD to gather insights on related on the aerospace market, especially the strategies of global aerospace players such as Airbus and Boeing which will have a significant impact on movements on the supply chain. In turn, this will influence any expansion and relocation decision made by companies.

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